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We have all heard about the new law that has been passed regarding plastic Carrier bags in Tanzania. If you haven’t heard about the same please go to our earlier post and read about the same. This new law is here here to stay and it is best if you are informed regarding the same.

The government of Tanzania has gone a step further to give a guideline to the law enforcement agents who will be uncharge of enforcing this new law. These are the things that Have been mentioned in the guideline that you should also be aware of.

These are the guidelines for the inspectors and those uncharge of enforcing the new law regarding plastic bags.

1)  The inspections will be done in shops, kiosks, supermarkets, warehouses, factories and other places where products are sold.

2) The inspectors should introduce themselves and show their Identification at all times when they are doing the inspection.

3) It is not allowed to stop anyone to inspect his/her personal belongings in search of plastic bags

4) It is not allowed to go into residential places or to stop cars or any other means of transport with an intention to search for plastic bags.

5) Incase a car is stoped for a different reason and found to have a consignment of plastic bags, the owners of that car will be prosecuted according to the law and they will be directed to where they should take the plastic bags.

6) Anyone who will be found selling or stocking plastic bags, will be directed where to take the plastic bags and will be fined according to the law. He/she will be made to sign a form accepting the fine and there after will be required to pay the fine within the agreed time. If he/she refuses to sign the acceptance form or failing to pay the fine within the accepted time, then he/she will be taken to court.

7) Those who will be fined, government receipts will be issued for the payment received.

8) The law enforcers should be wise while enforcing this law. Use of exercise force will not be permitted.

9) Those will continue to commit the offence of using plastic carrier bags after warnings and fines will be arrested and will be prosecuted according to the law.

This has been issued from the Vice Presidents office and it will help Clear the air on what we should expect as citizens from those enforcing the law.

If there was any area that wasn’t clear you can contact us and we will continue to enlighten you as we get more information regarding this.

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